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“Get PhinisheD” Write-on-Sites • Virtual

“Get PhinisheD” Write-on-Sites • Virtual

7-9am EST
Remote Event

#DigBlk’s “Get PhinisheD” Write on Site is more than a conventional write on site. In addition to daily writing time, our community offers Feedback Fridays so you can pose questions about writing strategies, publication queries and quandaries, the job market, moving in and out of the Academy, etc. and get them answered by your peers and by Black academic leaders with track records supporting the next generation of scholars and cultural workers. We will also feature monthly workshops and panels on specific topics.

PLUS: Participants who attend 40 sessions per term can also make use of the #DigBlk’s copy editors to fine-tune their CVs, job letters, writing samples, essays and grant applications (up to 4 hours).

Come as you are at 7:00 am EST—sleepy-eyed, in your hair bonnet, or already up and eager—and make headway with your writing and your professional development.

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