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Center forBlack Digital Research, #DigBlk



The Center for Black Digital Research/#DigBlk engages public and scholarly audiences in innovative and collaborative initiatives that bring the buried and scattered histories of early Black organizing to digital life. Through archive and pipeline building, #DigBlk is committed to preserving Black organizing histories in the long nineteenth century and to building future generations of Black scholars who advocate for social justice in higher education, repositories, museums, and beyond. #DigBlk is home to the award-winning Colored Conventions Project, Douglass Day, and the early Black Women’s Organizing Archive.

Colored Conventions Project

The Colored Conventions Project brings seven decades of nineteenth-century Black organizing to digital life, gathering the movement’s scattered records in one place, and making them freely accessible.

Douglass Day

Douglass Day is an annual international event that celebrates the chosen birthday of Frederick Douglass every February with a transcribe-a-thon to share and preserve Black records.

Black Women's Organizing Archive

The Black Women’s Organizing Archive brings together the scattered archives of 19th and early 20th century Black women intellectuals, organizers, and activists.